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National Nutrition Month: Experts reveal the 5 healthiest fruits to juice

As part of national nutrition month, Wren Kitchens have collaborated with Evergreen life to reveal the best fruits to juice
National nutrition month is an annual campaign that takes place during March

Forget the morning coffee, it appears that a morning fresh fruit juice is the new up-and-coming trend as people choose to adopt a healthier drink to kick start their day.

With 74,000 searches per month1 for the phrase ‘juicer’ and over a staggering 93.1 million views of the hashtag #fruitjuice on TikTok2 it would appear that fresh juice may be the next craze to take over our daily kitchen routines!

To celebrate National Nutrition Month, which happens across March 2023, Wren Kitchens have collaborated with Dr Brian Fisher, GP and Clinical Director at Evergreen Life, to reveal the 5 best fruits to add to your juicer and the benefits they offer.

The 5 healthiest fruits to juice:

1. Increase your antioxidants with an apple a day

Packed with fibre and antioxidants, along with a high water content to give you plenty of juice, apples can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancers. This alone makes apples one of the best choices available.

2. The surprising benefits of berries

While many types of berries are also great for juices, blueberries stand out as one of the most nutritious. Famously high in antioxidants, which lowers the risk of some diseases, there’s a lot more to blueberries that might not be common knowledge. Full of vitamin C, along with vitamin K, iron, calcium and zinc, blueberries appear to protect against cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The only downside is that you’ll need quite a few blueberries to get a proper portion of juice, but the benefits are certainly worth it.

3. Boost your immune system with a lemon blast!

Lemons might not be the first fruit you think of to add to juice outside of Pancake Day, but don’t overlook these sour superfruits. Another great source of vitamin C, a quarter cup of lemon juice contains about 31% of your daily recommendation — strengthening your immune system. Lemons are also one of the fruits with the highest citric acid content, which makes them great at preventing the formation of kidney stones. While many first think of oranges when it comes to citric acid and vitamin C, they are actually more calorific than their yellow counterparts, so consider swapping them out.

4. Stay hydrated by adding cucumber.

Cucumbers are also full of many of the nutrients that are present in some of the aforementioned fruits. They contain antioxidants and vitamin K, while also having a very high water content to keep you hydrated.

5. The secret benefits of tomatoes

Adding tomatoes to other fruit is likely to be helpful, particularly for men. There is reasonable evidence that tomatoes in all forms, including ketchup, for instance, can help prevent prostate problems. It has a lower sugar content than most other fruit, too.

All of the above juice options have a large range of hidden benefits, however, Dr Brian Fisher also recommends that these drinks and taken as part of a meal rather than on their own due to the high sugar content which is mitigated to some extent by combining with other foods.

Google search data accurate as of March 02/03/2023
TikTok data accurate as of March 02/03/2023

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