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Cost of Living Crisis means British Muslims Will Pare Back on Eid Celebrations this Year

With pennies being pinched across the nation, British Muslims are set to pare back on Eid celebrations this year.

In a survey carried out by donation-matching tech platform Givematch, 38% of British Muslims said they’d be spending less on Eid gifts this year. On average, these respondents said they would be spending £80 less on gifts.

29% of British Muslims will be making homemade Eid gifts this year as people find creative ways to celebrate during the cost-of-living crisis. To find gift inspiration 71% of those surveyed said they’d be turning to social media.

Eid al-Fitr is traditionally a time for gifting in the Muslim community. The day marks the end of Ramadan, with the name Eid meaning “the festival of the breaking of the fast”.

In other cost-saving efforts, 58% of Muslims said they would make more meals at home this Ramadan. Worryingly, 16% of Muslims said they would struggle to afford to break their fast this Ramadan.

The data also showed that, despite the cost-of-living crisis, the charitable spirit of Ramadan is alive and well – with 56% of British Muslims planning on donating more to charity this year. The research showed that the average British Muslim will donate £150 during the holy month.

When asked which charities they planned to support this Ramadan, British Muslims were most likely to support Islamic (69%), food (49%) and children’s charities (41%).

This Ramadan, the donation-matching technology platform Givematch is helping people to do double the amount of good with their charitable donations. Each person who supports a charity via Givematch receives a shareable link. If two friends donate via that link, then the original donation is double.

The platform has teamed up with many much-loved charities this year, including Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid and Orphans in Need.

Ismael Dainehine, the founder of Givematch, said: “People are having to find creative ways to manoeuvre the cost-of-living crisis this year, and the Muslim community is no exception.”

“Alongside seeking savvy ways to celebrate, we know that British Muslims are looking for the most cost-effective ways to support vital causes. With Givematch people can double the impact they make, simply by spreading the word of their chosen charity.”

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