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For the love of food: Cardiff outdoes London when it comes to trying foods from different cuisines

Trying new and exciting foods is often deemed one of the perks of living in a bustling, multicultural capital city, however, new research has revealed that those in cities outside of London have a penchant for trying new things, with 82% of Cardiff residents claiming to have tried Bouillabaisse before, compared to just 70% of Londoners.

Sushi Daily, the UK’s biggest fresh sushi kiosk brand, with sushi being made fresh inside Waitrose and Asda supermarkets, reveals the foods of other cultures that Brits have avoided and their attitudes to different cuisines.

People in the Welsh capital Cardiff have a penchant for trying new foods, with 80% of Cardiff residents having tried foie gras and 74% tucking into escargot, compared to less than 70% of the almost 9million people living in the UK’s capital London, having sampled these delicacies.

Despite the regional differences when it comes to trying new foods, people across the country are particularly hesitant to try Asian cuisines, especially Japanese delicacies like sushi. Food dishes such as Maki (48%), Nigiri (47%) and Temaki (43%) are dishes people avoid simply due to their lack of knowledge, alongside other popular foods from Vietnamese culture like Bánh mì (47%) and Pho (37%).

Top 15 foods of other cuisines that Brits haven’t tried before:

  1. Maki – 48%
  2. Nigiri – 47%
  3. Bánh mì – 47%
  4. Poké – 44%
  5. Yakisoba – 55%
  6. Temaki – 43%
  7. Ceviche – 40%
  8. Acai – 39%
  9. Sashimi – 38%
  10. Pho – 37%
  11. Gyoza – 37%
  12. Carpaccio – 36%
  13. . Escargot – 36%
  14. Edamame – 35%
  15. Bouillabaisse – 34%

There’s also the fear of embarrassment when trying different cuisines, with almost one in 10 (8%) Brits researching foods before trying them to get to grips with the cuisine beforehand. A quarter (23%) of Brits also reveal that to help them face their fears, having an easy guide to understanding the food is something that would make them try something new.

To help people feel less confused and hesitant when faced with new foods, Sushi Daily has produced a vibrant coffee table book, ‘The Little Book of Sushi’. Through bright illustrations and easy to read descriptions of popular sushi products, it teaches people all they need to know about sushi when wining and dining their dates or eating with friends.

Talking about the research and ‘The Little Book of Sushi’, Romy Miller, Global Brand Director of Sushi Daily said: “At Sushi Daily we are on a mission to make sushi accessible to everyone. This research shows that people often shy away from enjoying food that they love, in particular Asian food, because they don’t know what it’s called.”

“We wrote ‘The Little Book of Sushi’, an educational and fun guide to help people feel at ease with Japanese cuisine.”

The Little Book of Sushi’ launched a limited-edition hard-copy book and is available to all to download as a PDF for free via

About Sushi Daily

Sushi Daily was founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Kelly Choi and her Sushi-Master mentor, Yamamoto-San. The company’s mission is to help the world eat better, dream bigger and flourish together. Powered by expertly trained artisans, Sushi Daily brings the joy of Asian food to local supermarkets with the highest quality, handmade sushi every day.

Sushi Daily was the first business in Europe to introduce kiosks offering ready-to-eat sushi into the grocery retail space. Now available in-store and through click & collect and delivery, Sushi Daily has over 1,000 kiosks and partners with 40 different retailers across the UK, Europe, Mexico and the UAE. Each Sushi Daily is owned and operated by independent franchisees who are passionate about their craft and committed to running their own business.

Sushi Daily’s parent company, KellyDeli, has a portfolio of Asian food brands including Kelly Loves, a range of Asian grocery products, Bam Tuk, an Asian street food brand, and Happy Tokyo, a new Japanese high street kiosk business.  In 2021, KellyDeli generated a turnover of €440m in sales.

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