Why Flavoured Vodka is the Darling of #VodkaTok & How to DIY Your Own

With over 2M views on TikTok alone, flavoured vodka is having a major moment right now. While traditional vodka is typically associated with a highly adaptable and neutral taste, the introduction of new and interesting flavour combinations on this clean canvas has yielded excitement in the drinks world.

A variety of dessert-flavored products have been doing really well in the market, including classic options like SKYY Vanilla Vodka, as well as new and innovative offerings in other drink segments such as Stambecco Tiramisu and Baileys Pavlova. These products allow for a playful approach to mixing and sipping, while also evoking a sense of familiarity with their delicious and decadent flavors.

According to Anna-Bet Stemmet, Food & Drinks writer at The Mixer, the increase in popularity of flavoured vodka can be attributed to a few interesting factors: “In the wake of recent challenging times, people are seeking out experiences that offer a sense of joy and a break from the stress of everyday life. One way they’re achieving this is through indulging in fun and playful twists on nostalgic drinks and comforting flavors.”

Social media platforms like TikTok encourage adventurous experimentation with spirits, including flavored vodka. This, in turn, has invigorated experimentation among professional mixologists and DIY cocktail-makers alike.

“Bartenders are increasingly revisiting classics like the Negroni, Martini and Old Fashioned to give them new life,” Anna-Bet explains. “An easy way to do so is to swap out the base spirit for something with a little more pizzazz. Experimenting with classics helps to keep operational costs in check (it’s cheaper than starting from scratch), and also means home mixologists don’t have to buy a whole bunch of new ingredients.”

Here’s How To DIY TikTok’s Top-Ranking Flavoured Vodkas

If you’re interested in trying your hand at making flavoured vodka at home, here are a few top-ranking flavours and instructions on how to make them:

Coffee Vodka – 781k views

Decant a bottle of vodka into a container with a jar with a tight-fitting lid and add half a cup of coarsely crushed espresso beans. Close the jar tightly and let it rest at room temperature for two weeks. Strain the infused vodka through a fine-mesh sieve and discard the solids. Then strain the vodka through a coffee filter into the original bottle and refrigerate for up to three months. Note: you can add high-quality cacao nibs to the mix if you would like a chocolatey twist!

Cake Vodka – 606k views

Take a slice of your favourite cake (remove the icing) and break it up into a mason jar. Cover it with two cups of vodka and stir it up so the cake combines with the liquid. Close the mason jar and give it a good shake. Set it aside for 24 hours to infuse. Then strain the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve, discarding the solids (you can use this later to make some cake pops with a bit of kick!) and use a funnel to pour it back into your vodka bottle. Boom – you’ve made cake-infused vodka!

Lemon Vodka – 435k views

Quarter three lemons and add them to a quart-volume jar – a mason jar works well. Add two cups of neutral unflavored vodka, seal the jar and place it in a cool, dark location for one week. Then taste the vodka for flavour – if it’s to your liking, remove the lemons, strain the vodka, and use it as is. If you’d like it to be stronger, allow a little more time for infusing and follow the same steps afterwards.

Bubblegum Vodka – 258k views

Get yourself 16 pieces of your favourite bubblegum (pink-coloured if you want to go rosy), break them up, and place in a sealable glass jar. Decant a bottle of vodka over the bubblegum, seal the container, and place it in a cupboard for 24 hours, stirring every 4 hours or so. After 24 hours, strain the mixture through a paper coffee filter or cheesecloth, and pour it back into the bottle. This should stay good to use for around 3 months if you store it in a cool, dark place.

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