Seasons in the Sun – and also in Cornelly!

Jane Granville reviews Seasons Café in Cornelly – a local café serving great food and a warm welcome

Wow the sun came out for a few hours this week – surely that means summer is on its way.  It was nice to get out of the house, after having a horrendous week, with a reaction to a steroid injection, and then picking up a sinus infection.  I have genuinely felt extremely sorry for myself, and after another visit to the doctors, I thought I would give my girls a ring, and pop into Seasons for a bit of breakfast.

I have lived in Cornelly, all my life, and seen many a shop where Seasons is today, from the old Connie’s shoe shop to a hairdresser, and then to the lovely Season’s café. Café owner Caroline Jones, and her husband Jason have had the café for many years now and have brought so much joy to many living in Cornelly.

This little café was the starting home for the Cornelly songbirds, and Caroline, as a founder member, was a great help and support to me during a crazy time.

My biggest love about growing up in this village is the welcome you get from people who live and work here – I would like to think that everyone who has chosen to move into our village feels the same way. If you really sit down and take a good look, we have a thriving community, we have plenty of shops, in my opinion compared to some, we have a good doctor’s surgery, we have an active chemist, who during covid went above and beyond for the community, and in the hub of all that is our lovely little café.

As I walked into the café it was so nice to see so many familiar faces, sometimes we are so wrapped up in our working lives, we forget to get out an about, and now becoming a community councillor makes me want to connect better with everyone, for everyone to know who I am.  That doesn’t mean I can be a great help, but I would like to think of myself as a good support for people in times of need, I will help where I can – even if all I can offer in some situations is a little chat.

It was lovely to see Caroline working today, alongside her son Sean, who runs the café, while Caroline also works in the dentist now.  I always love a good catch up with Caroline, who’s mother-in-law Mair, has been a member of the songbirds from the very start. It was also nice to just sit down in the café and catch up with my daughter Ellie and my daughter in law, Olivia.  Even though we live in the same house, we are like passing ships, so it was nice to have 5 minutes to sit down and catch up on what we are all up to.

We were treated to a lovely breakfast made by Sean and finished off with a lovely cuppa, it was a great way to round off what has been a horrible week.

You must take a trip down to Seasons Café and experience their variety of breakfast, lunch, or just delve into a lovely latte and a delicious slice of cake.  What ever you have you can guarantee a warm welcome and delicious food.


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