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Pyle’s Newest Food Joint: Gourmet burgers delivered right to your doorstep

Written by Cllr. Jane Granville

Richard and I had seen that a new gourmet burger and waffle takeaway restaurant had opened in Pyle Rugby Club so I thought we’d give it a go and let you know how amazing it was.

From the outset, it looked very professional. They have a good-looking website which was easy to navigate and to place an order, with a variety of beef burgers, chicken burgers and even a vegan burger menu, along with a children’s menu and several side offerings such as hand breaded chicken strips, loaded wedges and churros. I was really interested in their Mochi Waffles though, a cross between a Japanese Mochi and a Belgian Waffle – I had to order one because every one that knows me, knows I like a good dessert.


It was so easy to place our order online – Richard had a “Texan Beef Burger” which was topped with pulled pork, smoked streaky bacon, onion rings and mozzarella cheese and I ordered a “Gigabite Chicken Burger” which was topped with hash browns, smoked streaky bacon and American cheese. Both came with homemade wedges or fries included with the option to upgrade and have them topped with pulled pork or bacon and cheese. For our dessert we decided on a “Mary Berries Mochi Waffle” and OMG it was delicious.

Around 30 minutes later there was a knock on the door – our food had arrived! A very polite young lady handed us a very posh looking black paper bag and stopped for a quick chat before I excitedly rushed inside to see what was in this bag! I was expecting the usual polystyrene food box, wrapped in fish and chip paper to contain the grease however, both of our burgers came in a beautiful black box and the waffle was presented in a small black pizza-like box with a little tub of ice cream on the side. I’d never seen anything like this around here before and the excitement grew as I opened my burger box….

We both sat there for a few seconds staring in amazement at our food, wondering how on earth we were going to fit this burger in our mouths, it was enormous! The presentation was like something you’d find in a top London restaurant, certainly not like any takeaway food I had had before.! The top of the brioche bun was branded “megabites” which was a nice touch and set them apart from other takeaways that we’d had in the past.

The first bite was a taste explosion! The chicken had a beautiful crisp coating while being juicy inside and the bacon and hash browns took the flavours to a whole new level. 

We both sat there silently enjoying our dinner, every now and then acknowledging each other with a mouth-filled nod of approval. Richard said they couldn’t believe how delicious his food tasted and that it was really nice, the burger was cooked perfectly, and he could tell that the pulled pork wasn’t from a packet. He said that it was delicious.

I could barely move after finishing my burger but there’s no way that I wasn’t going to eat my Mochi Waffle. It looked beautiful, topped with chopped strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberry sauce and milk chocolate. It tasted even better, definitely satisfying my sweet tooth! It didn’t taste like a waffle that I’d had before, it was sweeter and much tastier than a usual Belgian waffle. 

Including delivery, our meal came to £32.50 which I thought was very reasonable given the obvious high quality of the food and how it was presented. If this is the way that takeaways are going, then I’m not sure we’ll ever go out for a meal again.

If you really are looking for a special treat, please go and visit Mega Bites.

This is the website below. We will defiantly be ordering again,


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