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The Chilli Mash Company Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Improve Chilli Supply to UK Manufacturing and Supply

The Chilli Mash Company, a renowned producer of premium hot sauces, is thrilled to announce the launch of its first-ever crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder in the UK. Intending to raise £100,000 over the course of 6 weeks and beyond, the company aims to support the establishment of a state-of-the-art chilli farm in Rwanda. This initiative seeks to foster year-round chilli production, stabilising chilli importation in the UK.

The Chilli Mash Company is well-known for its commitment to delivering exceptional, handcrafted hot sauces that satisfy even the most daring taste buds. In a bid to expand their operations and cultivate chillies sustainably, they have set their sights on Rwanda—a region with the ideal climate to facilitate year-round chilli farming. By implementing advanced agricultural techniques, The Chilli Mash Company intends to create a reliable supply chain that will reduce dependency on chilli imports and ensure consistent availability of their fiery creations.

As part of their crowdfunding campaign, The Chilli Mash Company has devised a range of exciting rewards to thank backers for their support. Contributors will have the opportunity to receive customised branded hot sauces, enabling them to add a touch of personal flair to their favourite condiment. Additionally, backers can indulge their culinary creativity with the “make your own hot sauce” reward, which offers a chance to craft a unique, bespoke hot sauce under the guidance of The Chilli Mash Company’s expert team.

The grand reward of the campaign is a once-in-a-lifetime experience—a 4-night trip to Rwanda, including an unforgettable opportunity to encounter majestic gorillas in their natural habitat. This extraordinary adventure showcases The Chilli Mash Company’s commitment to sustainability and its dedication to creating a positive impact locally and globally.

“We are incredibly excited to embark on this crowdfunding campaign to establish a chilli farm in Rwanda,” said Natt Boarer, Managing Director at The Chilli Mash Company. “For less than the price of a coffee, you can help improve the cost of chilli manufacturing in the UK! Backers will contribute to a sustainable chilli supply chain, helping reduce costs to UK businesses and consumers, and become a part of a movement to enhance local economies and empower farmers in Rwanda.”

The Chilli Mash Company invites chilli enthusiasts, food lovers, and sustainability advocates to join them on this remarkable journey. The crowdfunding campaign can be found on Crowdfunder UK, where supporters can learn more about the project and choose from the enticing rewards on offer.

For more information about The Chilli Mash Company’s crowdfunding campaign and to support their mission, please visit

About The Chilli Mash Company:

The Chilli Mash Company is a renowned producer of handcrafted, premium hot sauces admired for their exceptional quality and fiery flavours. Committed to sustainability and ethical practices, The Chilli Mash Company aims to establish a chilli farm in Rwanda, ensuring year-round chilli production and reducing the reliance on imports in the UK. Their unique range of hot sauces continues to delight taste buds while positively impacting local communities.

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