International students immersed into the French gourmet food industry at NEOMA Business School

From 10th to 21st July, NEOMA Business School in France collaborated with Ecole Fauchon, the school launched by the renowned French brand of gastronomy, to deliver a summer camp to international students on management and the gourmet food industry.

Practical courses were hosted at Ecole Fauchon at NEOMA’s Rouen campus, including classes on CSR and the economy of the French wine sector. Students also had the opportunity to visit producers at the Marché d’Intérêt National (France’s second largest produce market) and the Fauchon hotel.

“Learning to prepare gourmet food under the guidance of skilled chefs during the private cooking classes at Fauchon was an experience I will cherish forever. It not only expanded my culinary knowledge but also ignited a passion for gastronomy within me” says Fadzai Mutingwende, student at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

In the second week, students moved to NEOMA’s Paris campus, to attend a series of conferences on Marketing French Excellence and Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability topics.

Lectures involved insights from industry professionals at Fauchon and NEOMA alumni. The final day finished with group projects.

Teaching was delivered in English to open opportunities for international students to gain insights on the French gastronomy sector. Nine students from the UK enrolled in the programme from Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Strathclyde.

“The second week of the summer school, featuring insightful lectures from industry experts, highlighted the importance of preserving and promoting France’s culinary heritage on a global scale and considering innovative ways to contribute positively to the food industry. I realized that culinary excellence and sustainability are not mutually exclusive but rather interconnected pillars that can drive positive change in the world,” says Orla McConville, student at the University of Strathclyde.

The summer camp further builds upon the strong partnership between NEOMA and Ecole Fauchon. Both institutions already cooperate to deliver a Bachelor’s in Service Management – Gastronomy programme.

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