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The Spice Route: Unearthing the Secrets of Authentic Indian Cooking

Welcome to the fascinating world of Indian cuisine! The Spice Route takes you on a culinary journey as expansive as the Indian subcontinent. We’re diving into the secrets of authentic Indian cooking, from the bustling markets of New Delhi to the tranquil spice gardens of Kerala. India is not just a country; it’s an experience, especially for your taste buds. Let’s unearth the culinary treasures that lie in its diverse regions.


The Birthplace of Spices: Kerala

Often referred to as India’s “Spice Garden,” Kerala is the cradle of globally renowned spices like black pepper, cardamom, and cloves. This verdant haven is where these coveted spices first took root. Visitors can explore the spice plantations, learning how herbs are cultivated, harvested, and processed. Tourists can even participate in hands-on spice-grinding workshops or take guided treks to remote farms. The aromatic air is palpable as soon as you arrive. According to, a visit to Kerala is complete with a spice tour, often culminating in an authentic cooking class that showcases these local treasures. 


Kolkata: The Sweet Capital

India’s culinary repertoire is not just about spices but also sweets. Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, is the sweet capital of India. You can’t miss trying the “rasgulla,” a syrupy, spongy ball of goodness. The city offers an array of other sweets like “sandesh” and “mishti doi” (sweet yogurt) that are equally sumptuous. There’s a time-honored skill involved in creating these sweets, passed down through generations. Explore the lovely shops, some of which have been in operation for over a century, and witness firsthand the meticulous craft that goes into each confection. 


Varanasi: Spiritual Nourishment

Varanasi, India – Oct 5, 2017. Indian street food vendors near the holy Ganges river. According to legends, Varanasi city was founded by God Shiva about 5000 years ago.

Considered one of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi is a mix of spirituality and culinary indulgence. The city’s street food is legendary. From “kachori sabzi” to “jalebi,” the flavors are as complex as the city’s ancient temples. A boat ride along the Ganges offers another kind of nourishment for the soul. While you soak in the spiritual ambiance, take advantage of the local chai served in clay cups, adding an earthy flavor to your experience. The city’s spirituality is mirrored in its food, nourishing your soul and stomach. 


Goa: A Blend of Cultures

Chicken vindaloo curry in balti dish

Goa, famous for its beaches and nightlife, also offers an intriguing blend of Portuguese and Indian cuisine. The “vindaloo,” originally a Portuguese dish, has been Indianized with a medley of spices, including a liberal use of vinegar and garlic. Fresh seafood cooked in coconut milk is another Goan specialty not to be missed. Goa’s food scene is as lively as its culture, with beach shacks serving international fare and local markets filled with exotic fruits and fresh catches of the day. The state’s culinary identity is a fascinating blend of its colonial past and rich regional flavors. 

Palolem in Goa

Rajasthan: A Desert Feast

With its arid climate and limited vegetation, Rajasthan has a unique but equally delectable cuisine. Dishes like “dal baati churma” and “gatte ki sabzi” are crafted for days without refrigeration. A visit to a Rajasthani household for a traditional meal is a unique experience that involves elaborate rituals and mouth watering dishes. Here, the scarcity of ingredients has led to culinary innovation, as you’ll discover in dishes like “ker sangri,” a desert vegetable preparation, or millets instead of rice or wheat. Even the tea here is unique, flavored with cloves and cinnamon. 


Punjab: The Land of Butter and Cream

When you think of rich, hearty meals, Punjab comes to mind. Known for “butter chicken” and “paneer tikka,” Punjabi cuisine is all about bold flavors and generous use of dairy. No trip to Punjab is complete without a meal at a roadside “dhaba,” where the “tandoori roti” is fresh, and the “dal makhani” is rich with butter and cream. The cultural experience is just as fulfilling with traditional folk music often played live, making your meal even more delightful. It’s a cuisine that genuinely represents the robustness and vitality of the region.


Mumbai: The Melting Pot

Food stalls offer a rich variety of spices as well as delicious food

As India’s financial hub, Mumbai is a vibrant amalgamation of various cultures and their corresponding cuisines. The city’s street food, ranging from the fiery “pav bhaji” to the delicious “bhel puri,” offers a spectacular culinary experience. Restaurants in Mumbai also provide global cuisines, but the local Maharashtrian dishes like “poha” and “vada pav” remain ever-popular.

An Indian snack called Vada Pav which is like a potato burger or tikki n a bread, with a cup of tea

Food stalls on nearly every street corner serve delectable treats, while upscale restaurants offer gourmet experiences. The coexistence of varying food cultures in this bustling metropolis represents the city’s diversity. 


The Northeastern Frontier

Bamboo Shoot Curry curry with vegetables and wild rice

The northeastern states of India offer a culinary experience that’s drastically different but equally intriguing. “Bamboo shoot curry” and “smoked pork” are dishes that are as exotic as they sound. Using locally sourced herbs and meats makes Northeastern cuisine a must-try for any culinary adventurer. Notably, the food here is less spicy than in other regions, relying instead on herbs and other aromatic ingredients for flavor. Each state within the Northeast has its unique cooking style, from the smoked dishes of Nagaland to the Tibetan influences in Sikkim, making it a multifaceted culinary destination.

The Spice Route is more than just a guide to authentic Indian cooking; it’s a culinary map to be treasured. India offers a culinary landscape as diverse as its culture, language, and geography. Whether you’re a foodie, a traveler, or someone who enjoys cooking, the Spice Route unveils a rich, flavorful, and endlessly diverse India. Book your culinary journey today and experience the secrets of authentic Indian cooking.

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