Holiday Lodges for Over 50s: Top Locations in the UK

Your 50th birthday is something of a milestone. By this point in life, you might have very different tastes and preferences than you did a few decades earlier. These changes might be reflected in the way that you choose to spend your free time – and especially your holiday time.

At the same time, you might have more disposable income to invest in a second home or a holiday lodge. These will allow you to retreat to a favoured corner of the country, or to earn a steady income through renting, should you wish to create a steady source of income on your way to retirement.

But exactly where in the country might appeal to over-fifties looking for a holiday lodge? In this article, we’ll look at a number of well known locations around the UK and delve into what each one has to offer.

Coastal Retreats

The coast has a lot going for it. The soothing sound of surf, the endless distraction of sailing and other maritime activities – and that’s before we mention the fantastic food.

Several coastal destinations stand out as worth thinking about. Cornwall offers wonderful isolation and surfing opportunities. Devon is a little bit less remote but boasts an equally compelling landscape. Northumberland, on the other hand, is packed with secluded coves and majestic castles.

Countryside Escapes

What if you’d prefer an isolated lodge, deep in the green and pleasant British countryside? Lodges of this kind offer all of the virtues of a campsite, without compromising on creature comforts. The picturesque villages of the Cotswolds, the majestic valleys of the Lake District, and the soaring peaks of Snowdonia in the Welsh countryside: are all best enjoyed with the help of the right lodge. You’ll find lodges for sale across these parts of the country, and others, should you fall in love with the place while visiting and wish to come back more often. Alternatively, you could consider setting up a tent and camp in the heart of these places, bringing you as close as possible to nature and giving you a thrilling sense of adventure.

Historic and Cultural Gems

It might be that you’d prefer something a little bit closer to civilisation, or an experience that takes you back in time, sort of speak. There are some British towns and cities which punch above their weight when it comes to historical and cultural interest as well as beauty. The City of Bath, for example, is famous for its unique, yellow-stone aesthetics, Roman Baths and historic tourist attractions. Similarly, York is one of the most richly historic cities in the country, with cobblestoned streets and a wealth of museums it also has many attractions and offers plenty of activities to do for tourists. A brief list of these activities includes a cruise around the City on the canal and the Shambles market which was famously featured in Harry Potter films. Then there’s Edinburgh, with its famous castle and its cosmopolitan outlook, which is heavily reminiscent of a capital city on the European mainland. While there you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities such as guided tours around the castle, an afternoon tea experience and much more!

Golf and Leisure Resorts

What if you have a passion for sports and activities? There are certain parts of the country that will naturally cater to this inclination. Some destinations, like St. Andrews, which has been nicknamed the home of Golf are a great fit for golfers and has a rich historical past as it has been played at St Andrews Links for 600 years! While others, like Bournemouth, provide a wealth of opportunities for leisure. Either way, you will be able to enjoy a nice stroll in a quiet yet relaxing environment, if that’s what you prefer doing in your downtime.

Ultimately, by surrounding yourself with leisure and mixing a little physical activity here and there, you’ll give yourself an incentive to stay on top of your physical fitness as well as reap the benefits later on in life – which in turn will provide you with a great chance of using your hobby as a convenient way to stay fit and healthy for as long as possible while enjoying yourself at the same time.

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