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James Martin’s Saturday Morning Showcases Tayport Distillery’s Rise to National Fame

Tayport Distillery, a shining example of Scottish expertise in crafting spirits, recently marked a momentous achievement. The distillery’s exceptional Blackcurrant Liqueur was prominently showcased on the renowned “James Martin Saturday Morning” program. Scheduled to be broadcasted on the 13th of January, this segment not only serves as a television event but also serves as a nationwide platform to highlight Tayport’s commitment to excellence and the adaptability of their Scottish-made beverages.


A Culinary Showcase: Tayport’s Blackcurrant Liqueur

“James Martin Saturday Morning,” a show synonymous with culinary innovation and exceptional recipes, became the stage for Tayport Distillery’s Blackcurrant Liqueur. The liqueur was brilliantly incorporated into a Blackcurrant and Blackberry Delice by the renowned chef, James Martin. This presentation underlined the unique flavour profile of the liqueur, marrying it with a dessert that enhanced both its taste and visual appeal.

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The segment received accolades from guest chef Lesley Waters and James Martin himself, who commended the rich flavours of the liqueur. Their praise spotlighted the product’s ability to enrich and complement sophisticated culinary creations.


The Journey to the Screen: A Chance Encounter

This remarkable feature originated from a serendipitous meeting between Kecia McDougall, the founder of Tayport Distillery, and James Martin. Their paths crossed at The Taste of Grampian, a festival celebrating Scottish gastronomy on the East Coast of Scotland. In a moment of initiative, Kecia introduced her spirits to James, leaving a lasting impression. This encounter eventually led to the distillery being contacted by James Martin’s team and the subsequent feature on his show.

A Gathering of Gastronomic Talent

The presence of distinguished individuals such as Jonathan Phang and Greg Rutherford added an extra touch of elegance to the episode. Together with James and Lesley, they crafted a culinary journey that was not only unforgettable but also bursting with delightful flavours, effectively highlighting the exceptional offerings of Tayport Distillery.


Gratitude and Future Aspirations

Tayport Distillery expresses sincere gratitude to James Martin and his team for the amazing chance to showcase their Blackcurrant Liqueur to a wider audience. The distillery, unwavering in its dedication to crafting high-quality, locally sourced Scottish spirits, looks forward to this feature sparking a multitude of culinary ventures throughout the country.


The Art of Scottish Distilling: Tayport Distillery’s Mastery of Craft and Tradition

The Tayport Distillery, situated at the estuary of the Tay River, stands as a remarkable embodiment of excellence and traditional craftsmanship in the realm of distilling. While renowned for its exceptional small-batch spirits, the distillery has garnered considerable recognition and praise for its distinctive approach to traditional distilling methods. Their operations are firmly rooted in a dedication to utilising only the finest locally sourced ingredients, blending astute business acumen with a deep reverence for Scotland’s rich distilling heritage to uphold this commitment.

The appearance of Tayport Distillery on “James Martin Saturday Morning” goes beyond being just a media showcase. It serves as a testament to their steadfast commitment to excellence, creativity, and the preservation of Scottish distilling customs. The distillery’s progression from a community establishment to a prominent presence on national television showcases the influence of enthusiasm, superiority, and the craft of distillation.


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