Pilla launches free app which gamifies hospitality operations

Pilla is an independent software development company based in the UK. The leadership team, who previously worked as compliance and operations consultants for hospitality brands, have been building the Pilla app for the last 18 months and it is now ready to help operators manage staff more easily.

Pilla splits operations up into shift scheduling, checklists and workflows. Productivity is then measured inside the app and teams win ‘Pilla Points’ for performing well. Employers can then choose to reward teams based on the amount of points won in a given period.

The app is completely free for hospitality businesses to use. Instead of charging users to use the app, Pilla runs industry specific ads inside the app in a format they call ‘task-based advertising’. For example, assume you are a GM in a restaurant in Brighton and you are carrying out your weekly fire alarm test in Pilla, you might see an ad from a local fire extinguisher servicing company asking if your annual service is due.

Liam Jones, Founder of Pilla said “Hospitality, retail and leisure businesses do not have the manpower to closely supervise and motivate teams anymore. Managers and Supervisors are doing the job of three or four people and so time spent coaching and motivating team members is going down. Think of gamification like a digital cheerleader. Through automation, Pilla motivates teams to let them know when things are going well. 99% of the time, these positive actions would go unmentioned without gamification. We believe that this positive-reinforcement can contribute as the answer to many of the issues in this sector and could help your business solve problems like high employee churn and low productivity.”

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