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itsu rolls out new Attensi AI features, creating content faster, boosting its international expansion

London, 28 March 2024; itsu, a leading healthy eating restaurant, is expanding rapidly across Europe with the help of Attensi AI, reducing the time it takes to make and translate training content.

By using Attensi AI, the International Training Manager at itsu has overcome several time-consuming barriers that previously added months in content creation time for staff training in multiple locations.

As itsu expands at pace, the training team is now confident that their geographically dispersed colleagues are up to date with seasonal and changing training needs across the business.

As itsu continues to expand internationally, these AI features including automated voice-overs, auto-translations, creative prompts, and co-pilots enable a faster and more efficient roll out of training across the whole itsu network, providing the same high standards of training in every region, therefore delivering the same high-quality service in stores.

Prior to Attensi AI, the process for voice overs was time consuming and expensive as actors needed to be booked in studio conditions with high spec recording equipment for quality sound. Errors could not be amended easily without further time and cost devoted to re-recording. Furthermore, as the business expands, these voice-overs needed to be translated and recorded in different languages. This was a time consuming and expensive process. Now training partners can instantly translate training to French or any language like Dutch or Spanish by pressing a button.

itsu has also successfully adopted Attensi’s creative co-pilot. This virtual assistant co-creates content alongside the training team to build new training modules to support business goals and to tailor training for different types of learners.

Dialogues within the simulations can be created by typing in a description of the type of challenge the itsu team wants to create as an interactive learning experience. They can add instructions for the desired tone, such as angry, happy, disgruntled or confused – making for a more realistic exchange with the virtual customer or colleague.

The new AI rollout of features has been transformative for the itsu team. Employees have access to the same level of training fast, no-matter where they are located – instilling the same high levels of brand awareness and standards that delivers the itsu customer experience in every store.

itsu International Training Manager, Alba Trujillo Mora, said:

“Using Attensi AI has improved training. We open new restaurants nationally and internationally, preparing the teams and setting them up for success. Thanks to Attensi AI – we can prepare the training content for new countries significantly quicker than before, it has opened doors to new content creation, voice-overs and translations. The impact on the employee learning is invaluable and truly contributes to our mission of making our Asian-inspired health[ier] menu accessible to everyone.

“We hold a face-to-face course called “Welcome to itsu” for all our new starters in London. For regional teams, we had been running a digital meeting version of it, which we did not find very engaging. We wanted something much better: an interactive digital version of this training. With the new AI features we can create this using simulated dialogues. We’re now using dialogues to voice over different characters and give them their own unique personalities.”

itsu Operational Training Partner, Francesco D’Apice  added:

“Attensi AI enables us to train our team to a high standard by offering fun games that our teams want to play over and over again. We can oversee their progress and support them with further training if needed. By using Attensi we have overcome the distance challenge by creating a digital version of our onboarding session, this helps our teams, no matter where they are, to experience the same onboarding process. Thanks to various features such as mini games and simulated content, we can successfully present itsu’s story, our values and benefits we offer to our teams. It’s been so successful that even employees with long tenure have started playing the latest onboarding games just for fun!”

About Attensi  

Attensi is a global leader in game-based and simulation training with offices in Oslo, London, Cologne, Stockholm and Boston. Attensi solutions are empowering people and organisations to become exceptional in 150+ countries in 50+ languages and 60M+ playthroughs.

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