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Frozen snacking brand Pukpip launches new summer snack

Frozen snacking brand Pukpip has launched a new range of sharing bags just in time for summer, featuring three varieties of real frozen banana slices, dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or peanut butter.

Customers looking to eat well and enjoy great taste can now get their hands on Pukpip’s Real Banana Bites Dipped In Dark Chocolate and Real Banana Bites Dipped In Peanut Butter from Whole Foods stores for £4 RRP per 172g bag – and the brand has its sights set on bringing the milk chocolate variety to customers in the near future too.

Each 172g bag contains four portions of real frozen banana slices dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or peanut butter and contains nothing artificial, making them perfect for enjoying with friends and family or alone as a permissibly indulgent snack or dessert. Both the dark chocolate and peanut butter variants are also vegan.

The launch of Pukpip’s Real Banana Bites follows a fantastic response to the brand’s original range of real frozen banana sticks dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate – which are available to buy online at Ocado Retail, Vegan Kind, Wholefoods Box, and at Whole Foods Market as well as other health food stores across the UK.

Like Pukpip’s real frozen banana sticks, its Real Banana Bites are responsibly sourced, using bananas that have been rejected from export due to small imperfections on their skin or because they’re the wrong shape or size.

Zara Godfrey, Founder and Managing Director of Pukpip, commented: “We’re super excited to bring a sharing bag option to shelves – and just in time for summer too. Our Real Banana Bites are convenient and permissible indulgent, making it easier to treat yourself and your families, whilst getting more fruit into your diet.

“Like our real frozen bananas, Real Banana Bites, are the perfect pick-me-up to keep in your freezer for snack time, treat time, dessert time or, let’s be honest, any time!”

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