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Elevate your Sports Performance with a Little bit of Green

Tips from the World Avocado Organization on how to unlock Olympic potential

Physical activity and a balanced diet are the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. With the Olympic Games in Paris on the horizon, the World Avocado Organization is sharing some tips on how to boost sports performance. With the help of nutritionist, Kerry Torrens, a registered nutritionist and BBC Good Food contributor, anyone who wants to reach their physical potential can learn how eating avocados before or after their workout can help to elevate sporting performance.

Avocados are an Olympic Champion, Packed With Essential Nutrients

Avocados offer a powerhouse of nutrients ideal for optimal athletic performance. They are rich in healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals, all of which are essential in supporting energy metabolism, muscle function, and recovery.

Avocados stand out for their high levels of monounsaturated fats which are not only a great fuel source but also support blood flow, help deliver oxygen to muscles and can help to reduce inflammation. B-group vitamins help convert food to fuel, whilst vitamin C helps fight fatigue and boosts energy levels. Also, avocados contain lutein which protects joints and cartilage, biotin which supports energy levels and is essential for muscle growth and repair and potassium which helps muscles function and can help fight off the peskiest of cramps. This high-fibre fruit not only helps to keep the gut in good shape, which is necessary for any athlete but also helps reduce tiredness, particularly after a hard session.

Kerry Torrens, says “The nutrient profile of avocados, including high levels of B vitamins, supports recovery and aids in stress management, making them a go-to choice for athletes seeking sustained performance. With one of the highest protein contents of all fruits, avocados are ideal pre and post-workout.”

Tips To Include Avocados In a Sports Diet

Whether incorporated into pre-workout meals or post-exercise recovery shakes, avocados are poised to play a central role in the success of athletes competing at every level.

● Enjoying a nutritious smoothie or breakfast bowl (see recipe below) before engaging in physical activity will provide the body with sustained energy, hydration and nutrients to go that extra mile in your chosen sporting realm.
● Incorporating avocados in small pre-training snacks or meals (ideally 2-3 hours before a session) will also help to adequately fuel the body for the tough demands of any sport.
● After a gruelling exercise session, avocados are ideal for replenishing lost nutrients. These small, but mighty fruits, are a useful source of protein and are rich in antioxidants including lutein and vitamins C and E which help cell regeneration, reduce inflammation and aid muscle recovery. Having a high water content, avocados also help restore hydration levels and replace electrolytes lost during exercise.
● When needing recovery or rest, especially after an injury, alleviating muscle soreness and boosting recovery can be key. The high unsaturated fatty acid content present in avocados is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects which may help this, as well as helping to improve blood flow in tense and tired bodies.

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