HOMETAINMENT Acquires Nomad Chefs: A Scalable Business Model in the Culinary and Entertainment Industry

HOMETAINMENT, the leading home and office entertainment and hospitality provider, has today announced its acquisition of Nomad Chefs, the online booking platform renowned for its community of top-rated private chefs, available to hire for unique and memorable private dining experiences.

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in HOMETAINMENT’s journey to redefine hospitality and entertainment. Co-founded by Antoine Melon and supported by a dedicated team, HOMETAINMENT has swiftly established itself as a leader in the industry. Serving over 15,000 guests in just over two years, their impressive growth trajectory highlights the relevance and scalability of their business model.

Unlocking new potential in home and office entertainment, this union reinforces HOMETAINMENT in its commitment to excellence and innovation, ensuring that the high standards valued by chefs and clients alike are maintained and elevated.

Under the visionary leadership of Joseph Kelly, Nomad Chefs has redefined private dining, emphasizing personalized service and exceptional cuisine. Their commitment to culinary excellence and philanthropic initiatives, such as the partnership with ‘One Feeds Two,’ aligns perfectly with HOMETAINMENT’s values and mission.

Antoine Melon, co-founder of HOMETAINMENT, shared: “The acquisition of Nomad Chefs by HOMETAINMENT represents a significant milestone for us. With a shared passion for hospitality, innovation and quality defining both companies, this move promises to generate an expanded and enriched range of tailored experiences for our clients”.

Nomad Chefs founder, Joseph Kelly, added: “From the moment Antoine and I met, I saw the synergy between HOMETAINMENT and Nomad Chefs. Together, we prioritize quality, exceptional service and fair pay for chefs. This partnership through HOMETAINMENT will elevate our services, offering clients the best in entertainment and culinary excellence.”

For investors, this represents a robust business model that unites exceptional hospitality with cutting-edge entertainment, offering significant growth potential. More than just a booking platform, HOMETAINMENT is a supportive ecosystem that values the expertise and creativity of their HOMEtainers (service providers). By fostering an environment of mutual respect and professionalism, they empower their chefs and entertainers to deliver unparalleled experiences, ensuring sustained client satisfaction and loyalty.

HOMETAINMENT’s extensive array of services, including private chefs, bartenders, musicians, DJs, wellness practitioners, entertainers, and masterclasses, ensures a diversified portfolio that caters to various client preferences. This diversity not only enhances customer satisfaction but also provides multiple revenue streams, reducing risk and increasing financial stability.

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