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From Alpine Glaciers to Your Table: Surgiva Wins Best Luxury Natural Italian Mineral Water

Surgiva, the mountain spring water revered for its lightness and purity, triumphed in the category of Best Luxury Natural Mineral Water in Italy by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

The story of the luxury mineral water brand unfolds deep within the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, in Trentino, in the Italian Alps. After filtering through endless glaciers, Surgiva appears as an incredibly light mineral water boasting a fixed residue of just 33mg/l. This exceptional purity makes it ideal for low-sodium diets and the perfect accompaniment to any culinary adventure.

Surgiva’s delicate character allows it to flawlessly complement the flavors of food and wine. This is why it’s the official water of the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) and a trusted partner of Le Soste, a renowned association of high-end Italian cuisine restaurants.

Surgiva’s drive for perfection goes beyond the table. The brand is a passionate environmental steward, implementing sustainable practices throughout its operations. From high-efficiency machinery to harnessing solar power, Surgiva constantly innovates to minimize its environmental impact. This commitment to environmental protection is also demonstrated by the company’s virtuous behavior regarding waste, 99% of which was destined for recovery in 2023. Surgiva obtained Carbon Neutrality Scope 1, 2, and partial 3 certification this year. The company was awarded by Climate Partner, an international organization whose mission is to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide and support climate protection projects.

Surgiva’s ambition to provide purity and lightness has captured the hearts of discerning consumers worldwide. The brand has graced Formula 1® hospitality areas and was chosen by the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team for the 36th America’s Cup.

Surgiva is a celebration of nature’s transformative power. This award-winning water offers a refreshing touch of luxury, the perfect complement to any occasion.

Matteo Lunelli, CEO of Gruppo Lunelli, which brings together some of the most representative brands of Italian drinking excellence, and Surgiva’s Chairman, said: “This recognition is incredibly humbling. Our goal has always been to provide the water of choice for hotels and restaurants that appreciate true quality and Italian style. This award validates the unique essence of Surgiva.”

To discover more about the exceptional quality of Surgiva natural mineral water and to experience water in its purest form, please visit their website at https://www.surgiva.it/en/.

For additional information about Gruppo Lunelli, please visit https://www.gruppolunelli.it/en/.

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