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Yorkshire Pudding Crowned ‘Star Bake’ of Great British Bake Off in new SEMrush analysis

SEMrush Findings quick facts:
• There are more than 147,833 average monthly Google searches for Yorkshire Pudding in the UK
• Closest contender is Bakewell tart with 25,035 online searches
• Yearly spikes for the past four years occur in December, with Yorkshire Pudding recording a nearly 50% increase in searches between 2015 and 2018
• Bakewell tart enjoyed a trendbucking 233% year on year leap between September 2015 and 2016 – proof that Great British Bake Off recipes are not just for Christmas.
• At least seven of the top 15 recipes can baked as savoury or sweet treats, indicating a move to interchangeable tastes and flavours

As the tenth series of The Great British Bake Off clears the semi final stage, new research from trusted data provider SEMrush has revealed which of the features recipes Brits are hungry to try for themselves. The results show the humble Yorkshire Pudding is the most popular recipe featured in the flagship show that Brits have been trying to replicate following its appearance on the show.

Top Searched Challenge Recipes As Featured on Bake Off
Rank Recipe Searches increased by (volume) % increase
1 Yorkshire Puddings 127,000 171%
2 Bakewell Tart 55,900 308%
3 Millionaires Shortbread 31,400 173%
4 Amuse bouche 30,600 309%
5 Jaffa cake 25,000 308%
6 Mille feuille 19,000 234%
7 Madeleines 15,000 123%
8 Gingerbread 12,300 124%
9= Samosa/ Madeira cake 9,000 49%

The analysis, based on search trends for recipes featured over the last four series of the show, found out of all the elaborate signature, technical and showstopper challenges that have been set since 2015, ‘Yorkshires’ saw the greatest spike in online Google searches after their appearance on the show. This was followed by another national favourite, the Bakewell tart, placing in second. Taking the bronze medal position, sweet toothed Brits also looked up the recipe for Millionaire’s shortbread.

The Yorkshire Pudding challenge featured in the 2016 series of the show, where Candace Brown emerged as the winner.

SEMrush’s analysis also found frequent spikes in searches for the recipes featured in the show during the month of December, with ‘Yorkshire Pudding Bake Off recipe’ going up nearly 50% between December 2015 and December 2018.

Gingerbread recipe searches shot up by an impressive 22.32% within that period, but second place Bakewell tart enjoyed a trend bucking 233% year on year leap between September 2015 and 2016 – proof that GBBO recipes are not just for showtime, or for Christmas.
The research also confirms that at least seven out of the top 15 recipes such as layer cake, fortune cookie and Amuse Bouche can be baked as savoury or sweet treats. This fact could be an indication that viewers are more willing than ever to experiment with classic flavours – a tactic that recent contestants have used in the hopes of earning Paul Hollywood’s legendary handshake.

Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush believes that the results may put some question marks on Britain’s alleged status as a cream teas and scones obsessed nation.

“Yorkshire has always prided itself on its contribution to national trends, so it’s fascinating to see that one of the region’s most popular food exports has been capturing the taste buds of Bake Off fans for so many years.”

She added,

“Brits clearly enjoy the emotional rollercoaster that each GBBO episode takes them on, and it appears that they also like tackling the ambitious recipe challenges in their own kitchens. These results speak to the cultural impact of this much loved show – and just how much it inspires people’s lives, whilst also expanding waistlines.”

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