Anita Maxwell’s Pork Schnitzel

Although not invented in Vienna, the breaded and fried veal escalope has long become one of the city’s famous icons.

Anita visited the city on her honeymoon, tried it and loved it. Inspired to make it at home, animal lover Anita did not want to use veal so adapted the recipe to use pork.

Her family have been enjoying this for generations since!

Ingredients ( per person)
1 Thin Cut Pork Loin Steak
1 slice Leerdammer Cheese
1 slice Wafer Thin Ham
3 tablespoons Dried Golden Breadcrumbs
3 tablesoons Flour to coat
1 egg per portion
Oil to cook


  1. Trim pork loin steak and lay between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper
  2. Using either a wooden mallet or wooden rolling pin flatten until steak is quite thin.
  3. Top with the Slice of Leerdammer Cheese to fit and Slice of Ham.
  4. Beat the egg
  5. Coat the schnitzel in flour then dip in beaten egg.
  6. Cook in oil for about 5 minutes each side and then cook in a medium oven to finish for about 20 minutes

Delicious with buttered potatoes topped with freshly chopped parsley, garnished with a slice of lemon (although it’s great with chips too!)

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