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Have the ultimate Halloween ‘fright in’ with M&S Food…

Halloween celebrations are set to be a little different this year but we’re all still looking forward to the spookiest of seasons – and a bit of light-hearted family fun. 2020 will become the year of Halloween-at-home, centered around family feasting, as we all look to create the ultimate ‘fright in’!

This year the Marks and Spencers Halloween range is better than ever before, with innovative new products for all the family, like vegan-friendly Petrifying Popping Candy Brain – an EPIC jelly centrepiece with candy that pops for over an hour! Available in the company’s 3 for £10 Squeal Deal across limited-edition meals and desserts, which also includes the likes of their signature flavour Toffee Apple Bangers (the best banger of the season!).

We couldn’t celebrate without our favourite caterpillar and, especially for the spooky season, M&S  bring you Frankencolin, decorated with nuts and bolts! At our in store bakeries, their famous Yumnuts have had a Halloween makeover – the new Yummy Mummy Yumnuts are set to be the season’s MUST-HAVE, only £1.35 each. Sticky Toffee Cookies are the ultimate treat on the go, just 75p each.

The popular Pumpkin Shaped Bloomer (above) is perfect for a spooky start to the day, at just £2. There’s also a whole host of fa-boo-lous family sweet treats too!

Perfect for carving with all the family, you can also pick up pumpkins at hair-raisingly low prices too – just 65p each. Whether you celebrate Halloween virtually or in person, you can pick-up everything  you need for a family feast at M&S Food.

Please note products launch on various dates – each specified below.

All available in M&S Food stores from 7th October:


Yummy Mummy Yumnuts

£1.35 each at M&S in store bakeries

Our famous Yumnuts have had a Halloween makeover! These light and fluffy Yumnuts are enrobed in white fondant bandages with two spooky eyes!



Pumpkin Shaped Bloomer

£2.00 at M&S in store bakeries

Perfect for a spooky start to the day, the bloomer is made with British flour and finished with a malted semolina topping for a delicious flavour and crunchy texture.


Sticky Toffee Cookie – 75p each at M&S in store bakeries

These sticky toffee cookies are perfect on the go, at your desk or in front of a Halloween movie! Deliciously rich, made with dark chocolate, toffee pieces and caramel pieces

Available in stores from 14th October.

Frankencolin the Caterpillar / Mini Frankencolins

£10, 640g / £2.25, 5 pack

Colin’s gone creepy! No night in would be complete without Colin the Caterpillar, and this year you can invite Frankencolin along! Choose our full-size version, a chocolate sponge roll smothered in chocolate and decorated with nuts and bolts, or Mini Frankencolins, with tasty (and super scary) chocolate faces!


Petrifying Popping Candy Brain (Vegan)

£4.50, 635g

Available on 3 for £10 deal

POPS FOR OVER AN HOUR! This EPIC vegan-friendly centrepiece is set to become the ultimate family favourite this Halloween. The apple flavoured jelly is shaped into a gruesome brain, with a raspberry drizzle and popping candy sprinkle. Pour the candy over before serving for an hour of spooky family fun! Available in M&S Food stores from 26th October.

Available in stores from 26th October.

Frighteningly Tasty Feasts

2 Halloween Burgers, 

£4, 302g

Available on 3 for £10 deal

Perfect for an indoor or outdoor BBQ, these spooky burgers are made with British beef, with pockets of molten Cheddar cheese, topped with a blackened seasoning face – salt, pepper and dried herbs.

Mummy Meatloaf

£4.50, 450g

Available on 3 for £10 deal

Our favourite puff pastry mummy has made a comeback for 2020! A delicious mix of mince beef with mature cheddar and smoked bacon, wrapped in flaky butter enriched puff pastry.

Toffee Apple Bangers

£4, 590g

Available on 3 for £10 deal

Perfect for Halloween or Bonfire Night BBQS, these delicious bangers are set to be a favourite of the season! British pork sausages with Bramley apple pieces with a sticky toffee glaze.


Eerie Eyeball Margarita Pizza

£4, 398g

Available on 3 for £10 deal.

A delicious vegetarian stone baked pizza with a gory garnish of cheese, red pepper veins and terrifying tomatoes.


Devilishly Hot Pizza

£4, 480g

Available on 3 for £10 deal.

A devilishly delicious stone baked pizza topped with spicy tomato relish, mozzarella, pepperoni & spicy Roquito peppers.


Plant Kitchen Firecracker Ghouliflower Popcorn (Vegan)

£4.50, 300g.  Available on 3 for £10 deal. Celebrate Halloween with our bestselling Plant Kitchen battered and spiced cauliflower popcorn, served with smokey BBQ sauce.




Terror-fic Treats

Available in stores now

Dracula’s Blood Fruity Drink

£1.50, 1l

A creepy crimson brew, perfect for big and small kids alike. This high juice squash is full of fruity flavour – apple, strawberry and raspberry, with no added sugar.



Fruity Gruesome Treats Tub         

£4, 800g

A tub of fruity jelly brains, bones, hearts and skulls. Perfect for sharing in front of a scary family film!



40 Monstrous Milk Chocolate Treats – £5, 432g – REDUCED TO £4 FROM 13TH OCTOBER

Spectacularly spooky milk chocolate bars, individually wrapped to share with big and little monsters

40 Fruity Gruesome Sweet Treats – £5, 490g – REDUCED TO £4 FROM 13TH OCTOBER

Fruity body parts, strawberry vampire veins and sour apple mummy bandages, all individually wrapped.


Super-Spooky Halloween Treats – available in store now:

Pick up spooky Halloween treats for all the family –  all available on 3 for 2 deal. Available in stores now.

Creepy Milk Chocolate Choco-Pops

£1.50 each, 24g. Milk chocolate foiled lollipops

Bubbly Boo!

65p, 23g. Bubbly wrapped milk chocolate

Creepy Peeper and Goolish Gang Chocolates

£2, 130g. Nets of milk chocolates for little monsters to munch

Fizzy Wizzy Bats

£1, 110g. Blackcurrant and cola flavour jelly sweets – so sour they’ll send you batty!

Oozing Skulls

£1 110g. Strawberry flavoured jelly sweets

Get the Party Started

Spooky decorations in store now

Halloween Novelty Pumpkin and Ghost Ceramic

£5 each

Luminsecent spooky succulents, perfect as a fun Halloween gift!



Petrifying Pumpkins, 65p each>

Our M&S Select Farms medium pumpkins are perfect for carving, and their sweet and tender flesh is delicious! Ideal for roasting and blitzing into soup – perfect paired with our Pumpkin Shaped Bloomer.




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