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Lunchtime just became three times better with the new 3 Grain Sourdough Deli Bagel from New York Bakery Co.

Bored of your typical everyday lunch routine? New York Bakery Co. has created the perfect ‘fancy-schmancy’ addition to make your lunch three times as special, with the launch of its new 3 Grain Sourdough Deli Bagel. This deluxe Sourdough treat is topped with only the best grains, from Poppy Seeds and Barley Flakes to Linseeds and is inspired by the Big Apple’s iconic deli culture.

Any native New Yorker will tell you that the deli experience is second to none. Make lunch the most interesting meal of the day by picking up a bag of these authentically boiled and baked bagels. New York Bakery Co. is making it easier than ever to bring a little, or a lot, of flavour and texture sensation into your routine and make the most of lunch.

Steer away from boring dishes on your lunch break, instead why not go for a classic NYC style Club Decker. Load your 3 Grain Sourdough bagel base with the turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato, and don’t forget to dollop on as much mayo as you like.

This launch is the newest in the already popular New York Bakery Co. Deli range, which also includes the flavoursome caramelised red onion and roasted garlic Loaded Everything Deli Bagel.

Keep an eye out on shelves for the stylish new packaging and grab your bag of New York Bakery Co. 3 Grain Sourdough Bagels in a Tesco or Sainsbury’s near you now (RSP £1.80).

Why not try this ‘Fancy-Schamcy’ Recipe?

· Toast your 3 Grain Sourdough Deli Bagel, then it’s all ingredients on deck.
· Load one bagel base with the turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato.
· Dollop on that mayo, close it up with the other bagel half and you’re ready to join lunch club.
· Enjoy, you’re one of us now.


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