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Grounds for Good Launch Vod-Kaffe – the perfect Welsh blend of vodka and coffee

‘Grounds For Good’ (GFG) are a company who believe in doing ‘what it says on the tin’…..oohps I mean vodka bottle.

By collecting waste coffee grounds from local Welsh cafes and repurposing them into a multitude of sustainable and innovative products, Grounds for Good are all about creating products which are good for individuals, the community and for our planet.

In June 2021, the company launched a unique London Dry Gin which had been distilled with repurposed coffee grounds. Off the back of this success, they are now about to wow us with their most recent offering – a 40% ABV vodka which has been vapour distilled over repurposed coffee grounds.

This is a premium Welsh vodka with taste notes described as a creamy, velvety mocha. It’s naturally the best choice of vodka for the classic expresso martini cocktail – believe us we’ve tried it! However, you can use it with your favourite mixers for a new taste experience. The vodka has been in development for the last 9 months or so and has been perfected by the experts at Cardiff Distillery. It contains no added synthetic flavourings or sweeteners…. just premium white spirit and coffee grounds! What’s even better, there is no other identical vodka on the market.

The Penarth based business have taken their sustainability goals even further this time. By using glass bottles that are almost 25% lighter than standard bottles, they are able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Company founder, Dr. Rosie Oretti, a retired Welsh medic turned business entrepreneur, explains:

“The bottles have also been manufactured with up to 30% recycled glass and of course, they are all fully recyclable’. The non-plastic bottle stoppers are made from FSC natural beechwood and natural cork and have been elegantly engraved to give that extra bespoke feeling.”

The company have recently undergone a ‘rebrand’ from fellow Welsh company Kutchibok Design who also created the beautiful botanical design on the back of the bottle.

Rosie said:

“The clear transfer gives the illusion that a sprig of coffee plant is floating inside the vodka and makes the all-important connection with both coffee and nature in general. We hope our customers keep their beautiful bottle and continue to reuse it.”

Vodka continues to be the most purchased white spirit in the UK and the ‘premium vodka’ category has shown steady sales. The largest growth has been within the ‘flavoured’ vodkas sector with consumers desiring more ‘novel’ and ‘unusual’ flavour combinations.

However, it’s the green credentials that matter too.  Rosie added:

“By using repurposed coffee grounds and transforming them into luxurious and desirable end products we hope to demonstrate that #wasteisnotwaste. We like to think of this as a form of coffee alchemy!”

“Perhaps, as a result of covid and the rise in the cost of living, customers are expecting more innovation; the use of quality natural ingredients; and sustainable credentials when it comes to their choice of vodka brand. We believe GFG vodka has it all and in line with the popular alcohol moderation movement support the idea of ‘drink less, but drink better’.”

The 70cl vodka bottle will retail at £44.99 and the 5cl at £5.99. They are both available to order from the GFG webshop at https://groundsforgood.co.uk/products/premium-vodka-pre-order

The company will also be stocking in a number of independent retailers and will be offering the choice of a vodka refill station. The idea is that the customer will keep their original bottle and bring it in when it needs a refill, at a reduced cost.

This new GFG product will take away all the stress of finding the perfect ‘gift’ for a loved one…….whether they are vodka afficionados; coffee lovers; eco warriors; and/ or just love innovation and creativity.

Design by Kutchibok – although Rosie says: “This is not the final bottle- you have to wait for ‘launch’ day on the 20th July!”

To learn more, visit www.groundsforgood.co.uk

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