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Unique ways to drink chocolate this Easter

Written by Steve King, Managing Director, Bottled & Boxed

Chocolate is one of the most popular flavours all around the world, whether it’s consumed in the form of food or drink — and sometimes, in both sweet and savoury things! But did you know how many unique and novel ways there are to drink chocolate? Drinking chocolate was actually the original way to consume this  sweet treat: the modern chocolate bar wasn’t developed until the 1800s, when the technology to make them  was invented. Before that, there were early forms of chocolate drinks, which were unsweetened and served cold, making them very different from the drinking chocolate we know today (Institute of Culinary Education).

Today, drinking chocolate is of course sweetened, and consumed as hot chocolate. But beyond this, there are plenty of other ways to drink chocolate, meaning there’s plenty to explore. Here, the drinks experts at Bottled & Boxed will show you some of their favourite ways to incorporate chocolate into drinks that you can try out. This is particularly useful if you always end up with leftover Easter chocolate, as it provides interesting ways to use it up!

French hot chocolate

One way  to create a really luxurious hot chocolate is to make it the traditional way, also called a French hot chocolate. It’s very simple, as all you need to do is take a handful of chocolate (or however much you want, depending on how strong you like your hot chocolate), and a cup of milk. Simply heat the milk in a saucepan, and after it comes to a boil, simmer it while you whisk in the chocolate. If you are using bitter dark chocolate, you can add a teaspoon or two of brown sugar to sweeten the mixture up; sweeten the hot chocolate according to your taste, as this is one of the benefits of making your own! However, if you’re using leftover Easter eggs, the chocolate is probably sweet enough.

Chocolate martini

If you’re a fan of the classic martini, you might want to try this dessert-inspired chocolate version. This recipe  combines vodka with chocolate liqueur to create a rich, luxurious cocktail that is the ideal end to any meal. It’s also quick and easy to make!

100ml Bailey’s
100ml chocolate liqueur
200ml vodka
3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup or ganache
Leftover chocolate for garnishing

Mix all the ingredients except the garnish together and shake them with a handful of ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain the cocktail into a glass to get rid of the ice, and then grate the leftover chocolate and sprinkle it on top of the drink as a final touch.


The mudslide is another classic chocolate cocktail, which is always a great option for when you need to use up some leftover chocolate  and when you fancy something indulgent for dessert. This cocktail not only includes chocolate liqueur but also uses double cream, making it the perfect after-dinner treat.

50g dark chocolate
60ml coffee liqueur
60ml vodka
60ml Bailey’s
100ml double cream

Cool two small tumblers in the fridge overnight ready for the cocktails. Melt 30g of the chocolate in a bowl, and then dip the rims of the chilled glasses into the chocolate. Stand the glasses upright and let the chocolate harden as it drips down the sides; this creates the classic ‘mudslide’ effect. Shake the ice, coffee liqueur, vodka, Bailey’s, and double cream in a cocktail shaker till the outside of the shaker is cold. Then, strain the cocktail into the tumblers, and grate the remaining chocolate onto the top of the glasses as a garnish.

Mini egg martini

Another unexpected way to use Easter chocolate in drinks is to make a mini egg martini. This is a fun, unique way to use up all those mini eggs that you acquire over the Easter weekend! The mini egg martini is also extremely easy to make and can even form part of an Easter egg hunt or a special meal over the weekend too.

50g mini chocolate eggs
2 teaspoons of honey
50ml crème de cacao
50ml Bailey’s
100ml vodka

Crush the mini eggs in a pestle and mortar, and then keep them ready on a small plate. Brush the rims of two martini glasses with honey, then dip the glasses into the crushed chocolate eggs to coat them for an Easter-themed glass. Pour the other ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake until it feels cold, before straining the mixture into the glasses and finishing with more crushed mini eggs if you fancy an extra garnish.

“Easter is the perfect time to explore chocolate-inspired drinks recipes, as we all get given so much of it at this time! Try everything from the traditional drinking chocolate recipe to exciting cocktails that include this luxurious flavour, and use up all that leftover chocolate you have in the kitchen.

“A chocolate cocktail can also be a fantastic way of creating a treat at the end of a meal, whether you’re putting on a dinner party for some guests, or treating your household to a new dessert. A chocolate martini or a mudslide is the perfect end to a meal and can help you explore new cocktail-making skills too. Make sure you have all the basic ingredients on-hand, such as vodka, chocolate and coffee liqueurs, and Bailey’s, and then explore — you might even find yourself coming up with new recipes!”


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