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Cardiff businesses are invited to shape the future of catering 

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University team along with Ozone Industries of Andover (Hampshire) developed a unique alternative to the existing costly technology
  • Compact invention offers catering and hospitality businesses time-saving maintenance, lower operational costs, healthier environment for staff, clients and lower public liability risks
  • Scientists invite catering and hospitality businesses in Cardiff area to participate in clinical trials and benefit from the cutting edge sustainable technology

Hygienico, a company founded by a team of scientific and engineering professionals, is inviting members of the Cardiff food and drink sector to volunteer for free participation in the final stage of the Government-backed clinical trial of HygienICE™ CIM, a novel commercial ice making machine sanitiser.

The device uses innovative ozone generating technology developed over the last five years by ZERO2FIVE food industry experts from Cardiff Metropolitan University and Ozone Industries of Andover (Hampshire).

Ozone (O₃) is commonly used in the catering, hospitality and healthcare to sanitise air and water, liquid containers and working surfaces, but most ozone generators still rely on the use of UV or electrolysis. Both methods are criticised for high energy consumption, limited and hard to vary output (ozone’s life is also very short), excessive maintenance needs, expensive equipment, safety concerns (generating volatile by-products like hydrogen gas) and operational cleaning complexity.

HygienICE™ Technology (HIT)[1] is based on the corona discharge method, an alternative way of generating ozone. The new compact and easy to install CIM sanitiser requires constant power of just 14 Watts and uses lower cost bespoke equipment with variable flow rate. It offers higher and better controlled output, longer lifespan, lower maintenance costs, and overall – higher ice making efficiency.

Hygienico’s CEO and one of the inventors, Martyn Jutsum, sees HygienICE™ CIM as a device likely to revolutionise the catering and hospitality industry and re-write its standards of hygiene: “Ice machines are commonly used in catering and hospitality, but HygienICE is capable of producing pure, hygienic, ice, while ensuring clean and safe components, surfaces and working environment.

“Almost 40% of the public liability cases in the UK insurance claims come from the catering and hospitality industry, and hygiene is the second most complained about issue with serious legal consequences. Having spoken to many catering business professionals who complain about the issues raised by local environmental officers about the hygiene of their ice machines, maintenance of which is complex, time-consuming and expensive, we believe that HygienICE™ is a real game-changer, helping businesses to improve ice hygiene, saving money on maintenance and operational costs.

Hygienico needs to identify up to 18 venues in Cardiff ready to operate the new device (which they will receive for free and would be allowed to keep) along with around 9 other businesses, for comparison, using conventional ice makers and cleaning routines.

Cardiff pubs, bars, clubs, hotels, hospitals and schools will be selected for the trial, giving their owners an opportunity to experience technology of the future, and leave their own mark in the history of catering.


Hygienico was founded in 2018 by Martyn Jutsum, a career scientist, inventor and entrepreneur involved in research, design, development and technical sales of products and bespoke solutions for the application of ozone as a sanitising agent since 2003.

Hygienico is the distribution and sales arm and a marketing partner of Ozone Industries Limited (OIL), whose R&D and engineering teams enable Hygienico to draw directly on their expertise in solution design, testing and implementation, delivering projects on time and on budget.

Key focus areas are creating cleaner air and water. In industrial settings, agriculture and livestock solutions enable major UK and EU agribusinesses to exploit the technology, for supporting improved crop and animal health and increased production yields. For food safety, right through from processing and production to the point of consumption, all stages benefit from applying ozone to control biofilms and other pathogens.

Core technology products, such as HygienICE™ for safe food ice, are deployed at scale. Multiple units can be installed over a large distributed estate of ice machines, for leading food outlets or hospitality brands. The underlying principle of ozone sanitisation is also highly scalable for industrial applications.

Martyn Jutsum is presently available for the interviews and can be reached by the businesses interested in the trials:  

Email:   Mobile: 07505 907011   Website:


[1] HygienICE™ Technology is fully aligned with UK (COSHH) and US (NIOSH) limits for safe levels of ozone and is compliant with the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (EU BPR).


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