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Nory AI joins forces with Vita Mojo to streamline order management and restaurant operations

Combining Nory’s advanced AI analytics with Vita Mojo’s order management system will provide valuable insights to boost the bottom line and improve customer loyalty.

LONDON, 18th January 2024: Nory,the AI-powered operating system for hospitality businesses, today announces a new partnership with Vita Mojo, an innovative end-to-end Point-Of-Sale (POS) order management system. This partnership will unify Nory and Vita Mojo’s operating systems, enabling customers like GAIL’s, YO! Sushi, Honest Burgers and Jamie Oliver Group to access valuable sales and performance metrics, reduce food waste, and build better relationships with employees and customers.

Combining Vita Mojo’s key features with Nory’s advanced analytics will enable hospitality businesses to discover powerful insights that boost their bottom line and improve customer loyalty. Key features of a unified system include, handling transactions seamlessly, identifying poorly performing menu items with smart replacement recommendations and establishing peak and quiet times to improve inventory management and create demand-based schedules to avoid under-or-overstaffing.

Other benefits of Vita Mojo’s Order Management System include bespoke digital order channels, with revenue-boosting smart menus, increasing average order values by up to 35%. Additionally, orders from any channel, including third-party delivery services like Deliveroo and Just Eat, appear on the same kitchen management screen to create a seamless working experience for employees. Businesses can also build their own omnichannel ordering experience where guests can earn loyalty points and rewards wherever they order to improve customer loyalty.

Nory’s AI analyses restaurant data across different business functions, including daily revenue, staffing and supply chain needs. This data is used to suggest simple operational actions for both executive and frontline teams, enabling them to run venues more efficiently, control costs, and perform more consistently, ultimately increasing profitability.

Conor Sheridan, founder and CEO of Nory said: “We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Vita Mojo, marking a significant step forward in revolutionising the landscape of hospitality operations. Nory’s cutting-edge AI technology is joining forces with Vita Mojo’s innovative end-to-end order management system to provide a seamless solution for hospitality businesses. This collaboration is not just about streamlining point-of-sale systems; it’s about elevating both the entire guest and employee experience. We are enthusiastic about the journey ahead and are confident that together, we will redefine the possibilities for the hospitality sector.”

Nick Popovici, founder and CEO of Vita Mojo said: “Our purpose at Vita Mojo is to turn chaos into confidence for hospitality brands – which is why we’re so excited to be partnering with Nory. The Order Management System streamlines everything restaurants need to manage and fulfil orders into one system. And now that Vita Mojo can integrate with Nory’s powerful analytics capabilities, restaurant operators will be able to understand their business performance to incredible new detail, and action the suggestions easily. This collaboration is going to help restaurants take back control of their operations; we’re looking forward to seeing our partnership with Nory unlock brand new growth potential for the hospitality industry.”


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