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Korean Grill, Kensington – a Kimchi Destination

Kimchi was invented 4,000 years ago, it is the most important traditional fermented food in Korea and a main staple on the menu at London’s premiere Korean Grill Restaurant, KGK. Made from fermenting cabbage and carrots – it has a unique tangy, sour, salty, savoury, and spicy flavour and is renowned for its array of health benefits,

KGK serves a selection of traditional spicy Korean cabbage kimchi. Historically, the tradition of making kimchi started as a necessity of storing and preserving vegetables during the long harsh cold winters in Korea, there are approximately 200 types of kimchi in Korea that vary according to the different main ingredients used, regions where they were developed, and seasons.

Fermented “buzz word,” as it is a fermented food, kimchi boasts numerous probiotics and health benefits. Kimchi helps regulate the immune system, promote weight loss, fight inflammation, and even slow the ageing process.

More than kimchi….KGK offers guests a gastronomic journey with Chef’s Feast Menu: The menu is a celebration of Korean culinary traditions, featuring ‘sang cha lim’, an array of eight seasonal specialties. Highlights include namul, bibim noodles, jeon, japchee, yuzu salad, and an assortment of unique kimchi’s. In a pioneering move, KGK becomes the first restaurant in Europe to serve its special hot soju, an in-house creation that promises to add warmth to the winter dining experience.

Interactive Dining with Tabletop Grills: KGK elevates the dining experience with in-built tabletop grills at each table, allowing guests to indulge in a traditional Korean BBQ setting. The menu boasts an array of premium cuts such as the KGK cut of the day, roast oxtail, anchangsal, and king kalbi, each perfectly paired with KGK’s signature sauces and cooked to perfection by the skilled waitstaff.

About KGK: KGK stands as a beacon of Korean cuisine in Kensington, offering an authentic BBQ experience and a menu that blends traditional flavours with modern culinary excellence.

Address – KGK, Courtfield Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 4QH



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