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Reasons to Restock at Local Farm Shops More Often

The rise of farm shops in the UK looks almost unstoppable. One could argue that these shops have led to the fall of many smaller produce and livestock markets, with supermarkets not spared either. Whether you’re looking for dairy products, wholefoods, and other fresh farm products, these places are usually fully stocked. In this article, we want to take a closer look at compelling reasons to buy foods at farm markets.

#1. Support the Local Economy

Although this might sound a little selfish, it’s still a solid reason to shop at the local farm shop. It’s said that at least 60% of every pound you spend locally stays within the community. This means shopping locally is like feeding your city, town, or neighbourhood to keep it alive. Without purchasing food from the local farm shop, most farmers would close up shop and even ditch farming altogether. Some can even join illegal activities and become a menace to the neighbourhood. It’s up to you!

#2. Buy Fresh Products

This is arguably the most important reason to buy food products at farm shops. Unlike supermarkets that sell onions, vegetables, and tomatoes harvested long ago, food sold at local shops was probably picked just a few hours earlier. Farm markets are the best places to purchase perishable goods like flowers, vegetables, and onions. It’s also worth noting that these foods don’t need to travel many kilometres to reach the market.

#3. More Food Variety

Farmer’s market is the ideal place to shop for food variety, whether searching for dairy products or ingredients for vegan beginners. You’ll get fruits and vegetables that you cannot get under normal circumstances at the supermarket. Foods such as heirloom vegetables, pink fir apple potatoes, and golden gala apples can be hard to find unless you visit a farm shop.

#4. Fresh Farm Foods Are Nutritious

Foods from local farm shops are good for your body and soul. Believe it or not, food can lose its vital nutrient content if it takes a long time to arrive at the market and your table. Regardless of the preservation method, fruits and vegetables start decomposing immediately after harvesting. This cellular breakdown means the loss of essential nutrients and taste. So, when an apple or orange travels 2,000 km to reach your house, it has already lost some of the nutrition you’ll get.

#5. Pocket-Friendly Prices

Let’s not act like we care less about the price tag when shopping for food. Some people even employ smart shopping tips to get vegetables and fruits on a budget. As said earlier, foods local farm shops don’t need to travel thousands of kilometres to reach your bucket. This eliminates any go-betweens and expenses like transport and packaging. In return, you’ll get the food at lower prices because you’re buying directly from the farmer or producer. Here is a tip: bargain for deals late in the day when most farmers sell what’s left at throw-away prices.


Now you have all the reasons to go shopping at the farmer’s market when next you want to restock your kitchen. Other advantages include getting 100% organic foods, interacting with locals, and supporting the environment. Let’s shop and eat local to be healthier together!






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