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Biosota Organics Hailed as Best Luxury Manuka Honey in Australia by Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Biosota Organics, a leading producer of the world’s rarest and highest MGO-rated, certified organic Manuka honey, has been named a Winner in the category of Best Luxury Manuka Honey in Australia by the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Biosota Organics is a third-generation family-owned business with a rich beekeeping heritage dating back to the 1950s in Europe. In 1996, they brought their generations of expertise to Australia, combining it with the unique Australian environment to create their signature Australian Manuka honey. This dedication to excellence extends beyond the product itself. Biosota prioritizes integrity and sustainability in their business practices, ensuring the well-being of the environment and the beekeepers who contribute to Biosota’s success. Their commitment to innovation means a constantly evolving range of high-quality products, offering customers a taste of nature’s finest, exactly as intended.

Biosota Organics is renowned for its exceptional honey, which is meticulously crafted using a unique blend of nature, science, and generations of beekeeping expertise. Their passion lies in harnessing the natural healing power of premium Manuka honey, evident in their superior-strength, medicinal-grade collection.

Biosota’s world-class Manuka honey is sourced from pristine rainforests and remote national parks along Australia’s east coast. Harvested from the nectar of wild Manuka blossoms, their honey is unmatched in purity, potency, and taste. Biosota’s commitment to quality shines through its meticulous cold extraction process, preserving the natural enzymes and bioactive compounds that define its special properties.

Biosota prioritizes the health and happiness of their bees and the surrounding environment. Their certified 100% organic beekeeping practices are a testament to this commitment. Biosota’s organic beekeeping sites are situated in a unique microclimate across Queensland and New South Wales, ensuring the bees thrive amidst ancient Manuka trees, far from pollutants.

Biosota’s dedication extends beyond exceptional honey. They curate a holistic premium experience for their customers. From luxurious packaging and decadent gift boxes to exceptional service and educational content, Biosota strives to delight every customer.

One of Biosota’s most noteworthy achievements is their record-breaking Manuka honey (MGO 2100+). This limited-edition honey boasts the highest Methylglyoxal (MGO) rating in the world, a natural organic compound directly linked to the honey’s potent antibacterial properties. Biosota’s signature Manuka honey (MGO 2100+) gift boxes are a perfect example of their commitment to luxury. Crafted from timber and embossed with a gold metallic emblem, each box contains a 500g jar of honey, a glass honey dipper, and an authenticity certificate. These exquisite sets are a perfect gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Biosota’s commitment to sustainable practices, exceptional quality, and customer satisfaction has solidified Biosota’s position as a leader in the luxury Manuka honey market. For more information, please visit:

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