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Good enough for Bridgerton! Meet the gluten-free £2.30 cakes making a decadent display on set of the hit Netflix series

As the hype begins to build around Netflix’s latest Bridgerton drop, it would appear that everyone wants a slice of the action.

An eagle-eyed baker from Cumbria-based bakery, Bells of Lazonby, spotted one of its delicious free-from ‘We Love Cake slices’ being handed out in an afternoon tea scene.

It would appear these £2.30 raspberry ripple cakes are deemed fancy enough for the Bridgerton front row… and we bet nobody guessed they were gluten and dairy free!

Do you want in on Lady Whistledown’s must-have ‘Rip-Roaring Raspberry Ripple’ slices? Then head to Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, ASDA or Tesco (RRP: £2.30).

Irresistibly fruity and sweet, these Raspberry slices are gluten, wheat and milk free.

Made on the edge of the Lake District by renowned family bakers since 1946; these cakes are baked in small batches by skilled bakers and finished by hand.

Great for sharing at a spring BBQ or picnic… or as the elite would have it a decadent afternoon tea… these multi-pack cakes include four delicious slices, each bite providing a comforting pang of nostalgia and a nod to one of Britain’s favourite flavours.

We Love Cake Raspberry slices are a simple, yet delicious go-to for the whole family, young and old.

The gluten free cakes are registered with Coeliac UK and declared as suitable for those with coeliac disease. The slices are packaged in twin-packs to maintain freshness.

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